Double Check Lily

Growers: Andrè Reijm and Jacob Evers
Company: Double Check Lily
Town/village: Moerkapelle (the Netherlands)

"Business is all about relationships", explains Jacob Evers. "Good lilies are grown by good growers. We use our reputation in the market to promote new varieties of Casino Lilies among buyers, and receive a little exclusivity in return. We have the option of a number of varieties, and really believe in those varieties, because they have unique lines and have been developed and produced by specialists. I firmly believe that LA lilies have the potential to replace other varieties from the top 10 soon."

Cesarano Domenico

Grower: Cesarano Domenico
Company: Azienda Floricola Cesarano Domenico
Town/city: Pompei (Italy)

Cesarano Domenico is a grower of LA lilies. The Southern Italian company Azienda Floricola of Taggia has been working with Casino Lilies' bulbs for some time now. Cesarano enjoys pioneering innovations and he has always had a liking for new varieties. He is a great fan of Casino Lilies' varieties "because these varieties have good colours, strong stems and require a short breeding period."

Qualily B.V

Growers: Ruud van der Hoeven, John van Ruijven
and Raymond Vijverberg
Company: Qualily
Location: Westland (the Netherlands)

Qualily is a joint venture between three lily growers, with customers in Europe, the United States, Russia and Japan. "Collaboration is a must nowadays", says lily grower Van der Hoeven in relation to Casino Lilies. "I believe Casino Lilies' strong point is the will to learn from one another and to minimise risks together. We all have the same goal, i.e.: to present ourselves to the market in a structured way and offer the best quality. We at Qualily stand for 'Quality' with a capital Q, which is why we do business with Casino Lilies. After all, that is the most important thing that counts."