Huetink Lelies

Casino member: Henri and Sjaak Huetink
Nursery: Huetink Lelies
Location: Lemelerveld (Overijssel, the Netherlands)
Area: over 100 hectares of lilies

Continuation in the sale of lilies has been put to the test a great deal over the past few years", explains Henri Huetink. Together with his brother, Sjaak Huetink, he has been growing lilies for over twenty years, producing bulbs for both the cut flower and the dry bulb market. "It is therefore good that through an initiative such as Casino Lilies, we are trying to obtain better control over the quality of the range. We have been trying to get as close as possible to our customers for many years now and that pays off.

Schrieken Lelies BV

Casino member: Hans Schrieken
Nursery: Schrieken Lelies BV
Location: Lemelerveld (Overijssel, the Netherlands)
Area: 30 hectares of lilies

"In 1986, I was one of the first to start growing lilies in the Dutch province of Overijssel. The acidic sandy soil here is perfect for growing lilies", explains Hans Schrieken. "Mass growth has never really been my thing. We have now reduced our area from 50 to 30 hectares, so that we are able to focus on the exclusive segment to an even greater extent. The lily business is a risky one; as soon as something is a success, everyone jumps on the bandwagon. It is good that we can now regulate this a bit more effectively and in an innovative way. Casino's LA lilies have a striking, very modern appearance, and at the same time, you notice that quality is at the forefront of the entire range."

Veldboer Bloembollen

Casino member: Bert and Sander Veldboer
Nursery: Veldboer Bloembollen
Location: Wilbertoord (North Brabant, the Netherlands)
Area: 45 hectares of lilies

"In 1995, we moved to South-East Brabant especially for the lilies", explains Bert Veldboer. "There are more sun hours, higher temperatures and fresher soil; hence stronger bulbs.  The collaboration within Casino Lilies is important, as we learn a lot from one other. The market has become so large that it is impossible to launch new varieties onto the market successfully and quickly on your own. We strive to achieve the best quality and the best range together."

Langedijk Lelies BV

Casino member: Hans Langedijk & Jos van Echtelt
Nursery: Langedijk Lelies
Location: Hoogwoud (North Holland, the Netherlands
Area: 140 hectare with lilies

We have chosen for Casino Lilies because this association of growers enables us to control the assortment ourselves. Thus developing the wanted varieties together without having to invest in area costs again and again. After many hectic years with peaks and troughs in the market for lilies, gradually a more stable situation arises. However, we must continue searching for the best varieties that make the growing of lilies profitable. Therefore, we keep an eye on global and local developments and respond to those if possible. For example price fluctuations, and also surroundings and environment. With a good product we try to promote the sales for all parties in the chain.